Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Bush Walk

 Its another day where Tina, Cecilia and I feel energetic so, we are going to take a hike. We want to go somewhere where that is challenging to walk up like Kawau Island. We've decided where now we are off.
Riding on the ferry me and Tina decided that we are going to be Titanic. As we were act like Titanic we saw fins in the water. Tina shouted with frightness “AHHHHH” she screamed “WE’RE GOING TO DIE”. BUT... it as they jumped into the air we realized they were only DOLPHINS poor Tina, frighted by dolphins.
 Finally we reached Kawau Island. Cecilia jumped out with happiness to be away from Auckland for the first time. As we unpacked our luggage into our cabin we thought we would start hiking the first thing tomorrow.
 The next morning we ate our breakfast and filled our bottle of waters and off we headed with a map to show us where to go. After half an hour of walking a sudden movement flashed at the of our eyes. We thought we were just day dreaming so we just carried on walk.
 Near the end of our hike, we heard a big roar. We turned our heads as big foot jumped at Tina. “AHHRGGGG” Tina yelled as bigfoot bit her head, Tina tried to fight back but she slapped her head and she went flying to the tree. “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM” the footsteps of bigfoot ran away.
 Awhile later we  reached the end of our hike and Tinas head was dripping crazy. But we fixed it.
THE END           


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